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Because ‘blackness’ and ‘criminality’ are wedded in the US lexicon, as Saidiya Hartman argues in her book Scenes of Subjection (Hartman 1997) any claims to not being a criminal— or on the flip side, to being a citizen— must literally be made on the backs of black people. When rights-seeking constituencies claim they are ‘not criminals’, they articulate their bid for inclusion through an implicit assertion that they are ‘not black’
"Queer Politics and anti-blackness" by Morgan Bassichis and Dean Spade (via duermoconculebras)

Anonymous asked:

did you get extremely good grades in high school?

um yeah i guess. like mostly As, and some Bs, and a couple Cs. I think mostly my GPA was really high cuz i took a lot of AP classes and they gave you an extra GPA point. idk, why are you asking???

i wanted to finish these readings to write this post so i can start my essay due tomorrow so that i could prepare for my interview also tomorrow but im still reading and havent started my post yet :((((

and im hungry

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